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With a wide variety of uniquely talented individuals, Hurrry Productions specializes in artist development to bring out the full potential of every artist we work with. We have an arsenal of diverse styles that allow us to work with anyone and are always open to trying new things. Our creativity is what makes us different from anyone else. 

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welcome to the family!

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Hurrry Productions is going to be a record label like nothing ever seen before. We'll be introducing a fresh new clothing line, #Hurrry energy drink and much more. The talented artists we have on our roster are going to make an immediate impact on all our fans. We love you guys so much and none of this would be possible without you. We promise to produce music that will make your soul feel alive!

There's a lot more to Hurrry Productions than just music. Hurrry Productions is HOPE.


Bob-O, Co-Founder & CEO, had a life changing turn of events take place when he decided to get sober in 2013. He wasn't going to waste a single second catching up on the things he was most passionate about. You want something in life? Just go get it - and HURRRY.

HURRRY is about being a champion of CHANGE and putting LOVE back into the world; for our team and fans to strive daily to be the best they possibly can. It's about FREEDOM; finding a motivated team that all have a story to share. We want to help mold and build others up to show them anything is possible in life.

With Hurrry Productions, we plan to change the world and create opportunities for talented individuals that just need a second chance in life. We want to support and surround others with love and help push them to reach their full potential.

At HP, we've been through our fair share of adversity and knew it was time to come together to put everything we have all on the line for our clients. The team of industry professionals we put together is basically family and we hope to continue adding onto that family.

If you're interested in working with the HP team - hit us up on our CONTACT form!


Bobby "Bob-O" O'Herron

Hurrry Productions  |  Head of Operations


Contact Us



438 Crystal Street

Akron, Ohio  44305


(330) 383-0440

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 8:00 pm

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